Light Relief

I promised I would post about lighting and how important it is an important tool for interiors, particularly when using dark colours on the wall.  The key is to strike a balance between being functional – so you can see what you are doing – and creating atmosphere. You achieve this by layering lights. By layering I mean, don’t just go for a single pendant light, combine floor lamps, wall lights and table lights.  This will help to highlight focal points in the room, say a bookcase or a console table and will allow you to adjust the light to suit the mood you want to create.

This room is a good example it has four sources of lights that you can see in this image – pendant, floor lamp, festoon lights and candles.  I reckon they will have more.  I have about eight sources of light in my lounge, and I would probably add more.  In fact it is really only seven, as I take the lamp in my pendant, as I don’t like the light it gives off, too harsh! Maybe I need to investigate a different lamp but the one I put in was only 40W.

SGD -Light Relief - via loftilove

Also add decorative lighting to rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, it doesn’t have to be all functional lighting.  I have added table lamps and fairy lights to an oversized vase, it creates a lovely soft light, ideal if you just need to make a cup of tea.  I like using lights in places where you wouldn’t expect to see them. It makes for a more interesting room, and in some cases makes it more usable.  You might not like the idea of having a dinner party in your kitchen, but if you have different light sources, this would be possible as it would take it from being a kitchen to a nice dining space.

SGD - Light Relief SGD - Light relief photo Julie christie


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